Why is finding Gaps important?

Because companies need to be able to quickly respond to market changes, alignment within the organization is more critical than ever. The benefit of looking at things from a perception Gap perspective is that you can compare things based on how you and your employees are viewing the same things.

The Gap, or difference, in perceptions offers a tremendous opportunity for improvement to occur without having to find fault or blame. It’s just how people are seeing things. Close that gap and the team is a tighter, more unified work unit.

Zeroing in on the perception Gap(s) between how management views the organization and how employees view it is where the biggest benefit is reaped.

It’s rare that a leader of an organization will find out the real issues by asking employees direct questions like, “What’s wrong with this process?” or “Do you like this system?” It is much more effective to seek employee input by asking what they see through the use of a Gap Assessment.