What do the Gap Assessment results look like?

The results are presented in graph form. They will depict how each group (employees, managers, etc.) responded to each statement. The differences (or Gaps) will be highlighted and commentary about how to “close that Gap” is provided.

A Gap Assessment will typically be comprised of 25 statements (5 categories containing 5 statements each). The results graph will show how the organization, and each group, responded in each of the 5 categories and then how they responded to each statement. In this way, a leader can easily zero-in on exactly where the Gap is.

The value of a Gap Assessment lies in how easily Gaps can be addressed by the leadership team. Committees or Action Teams need not be formed. The leader can simply remind or refocus his or her leadership team on where the Gap is that needs to be closed, and by asking the team what they have been doing about closing it.