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The Assessment Corps’ Gap Assessments were developed and designed by Leadership Coach Jeff Pasquale to provide leaders with insight they cannot get from a survey.

Jeff completed Coach University in 1997 and had the opportunity to learn firsthand from Coach U’s founder, Thomas Leonard, how to create coaching assessment tools.

Gap assessments help clients get to the heart of things in a very intuitive yet meaningful way. They are perfect tools for coaches to quickly and effectively help their clients.

A master assessment writer, Jeff has created a library of over 100 organizational and individual assessment tools. These tools are designed to show perception gaps at all levels of an organization.

His corporate experience includes senior management positions with Tropical Shipping as their Quality Assurance Director, The Martin-Brower Company (Distribution Company for McDonald’s Corporation), and COO for Atlantic Pacific Insurance, Inc.

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Commit Time

The process and the results are so simplified that a Gap Assessment can be administered and the results received back in less than one week. Because of the speed and the cost-effectiveness of a Gap Assessment, an organization can choose to administer it at 3, 6, or 12 month intervals so the leader can see the progress being made with closing a Gap.

Review Results

The results are presented in graph form. They will depict how each group (employees, managers, etc.) responded to each statement. The differences (or Gaps) will be highlighted and commentary about how to "close that Gap" is provided.

Close the Gap

The entire process of closing a Gap starts with the leader intending and wanting to walk in the shoes of their employees. Only then can they better understand what employees (and ultimately customers) are really going through. The ideal management response to a discovered gap goes something like, "Why are they seeing things this way?" or, "Is it something we are doing or not doing that's causing this?"