Each of the below assessments has a specific focus and purpose.

All the assessments provide a real-time picture (or snapshot) of where
you and your team members are not in alignment.

Scroll down to the bottom to get a general overview of each assessment.

(Sample statements for each category.)


Team Elements Assessment

(A team is any group, department, organization, or company that has a leader and members who are all committed to the same cause or initiative.)

Categories Covered: 

  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Self-Management
  • Trust and Cooperation
  • Action and Results

Organizational Health Assessment 

(An organization’s success, culture and health are greatly affected by how responsive it is to change [flexible vs. stable/static] and how interconnected its team members are [interdependent vs. independent]).

Categories Covered: 

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Processes
  • Leadership & Change
  • Interaction
REMOTE WORK PIVOT – Organizational Assessment

*Created especially for remote working environments

Remote Work Pivot Assessment

(Rapidly changing times means organizations must to respond quickly.)

Categories Covered: 

  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Systems
  • Support

Organizational Alignment Assessment

(Ensure everyone is singing [working] from the same sheet of music.)

Categories Covered: 

  • Relationships
  • Processes
  • Leadership
  • Customer Attentiveness
  • Sales & Marketing Effort

Organizational Continuity Assessment

(To ensure an organization maintains its effectiveness and efficiency regardless of where work is performed.)

Categories Covered

  • Communication
  • Resources (Tools, Technology & People)
  • Future Focus Points
  • Team Spirit
  • Systems
“NOTHING IS NORMAL” – Organizational Assessment

*Created especially for remote working environments

“Nothing is Normal” Organizational Assessment

(In chaotic times, assume nothing is working properly.)

Categories Covered: 

  • Rabbit Holes (AKA Chasing Ghosts)
  • Flying Saucers (Nothing is Real)
  • Hot Tamales (The Urgent Stuff)
  • SeaFire (Brilliance in the Unlikeliest Places)
  • The Last Mile (Always the Hardest Step)
Assessment Example Statements

ORGANIZATIONAL CONTINUITY Assessment Example Statements

“NOTHING IS NORMAL” – Organizational Assessment Example Statements

REMOTE WORK PIVOT – Organizational Assessment Example Statements

TEAM ELEMENTS Assessment Example Statements

ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT Assessment Example Statements