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I liked the fact we could target our ‘gaps’ without forming special committees or teams that surveys almost always require.
Joann D
Director of Design
The process was fast and effective. The Team Elements gap assessment was a low-impact way to gain additional insights about our team. The assessment showed us exactly where we needed to focus our attention.
Robert F
Managing Director

For use by Coaches, Consultants & Training Professional for their clients.

Also for Internal Coaches, Consultants & Training Professionals for use in their organizations.

For Leaders who want a snapshot of their organization that they cannot get anywhere else. Let us help you find the right coach or consultant to administer the assessment.

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A Gap Assessment is not a climate survey.

It is a coaching tool constructed in the form of statements. There are no questions.

Participants complete online, on any device. Anonymously.

A Gap Assessment measures the differences in perceptions
of employees and managers.

Leaders will quickly see where employees and managers are not on the same page
with each other.

Without finding blame or fault, leaders can quickly address & close perception gaps.

The fewer the gaps, the better positioned you are to dominate your market.

You can’t control opinions
but you can influence perceptions!