How are Gaps closed or eliminated?

The entire process of closing a Gap starts with management intending to and wanting to walk in the shoes of employees, so they can understand what the employee and the customer are really going through. The ideal management response to a discovered gap goes something like, “Why do they see things this way?” or, “What are we not providing or doing that cause them to see things this way?”

Just because employees are seeing things differently than you doesn’t mean they are wrong. And it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong either. It’s all really very simple – you both are looking at things differently – period. Now it’s up to you, as the leader, to do something about it.

Closing a Gap can be as simple as the management team reviewing the results and then placing more emphasis and attention on the areas that have the largest Gaps. It’s the power of focus at work. There is no need to create Response Teams or Committees, which consume time and can become costly.