Organizational Assessments

A gap is the difference between what you, as a leader, see and what others in your organization see. Said another way, our organizational gap assessments are multi-dimensional tools that allow leaders to quickly and clearly identify the perception gaps (or differences) among employees, managers, and leaders (themselves). Differences that are important; especially in the areas of communication, trust, leadership, inspiration, empathy, goal-setting, and relationships, to name a few.

Our Gap Assessments are specifically designed not to be surveys. There are no questions, only statements. And participants are asked only to reply Yes or No. There are no “I think” or “I feel” statements in our assessments; the goal is to stay clear of opinions. Because they are designed to be perception tools, all that’s required is the participant check the statement when they feel it applies to their company (or department).

The results are a snapshot of the current perception or reality of your organization. You will clearly see exactly where your team is not on the same page with you, and/or with one another.

A Gap Assessment enables you to zero in and target a perception Gap without pointing fingers or blaming.

The more time an organization spends working on closing its perception Gaps, the more trust and synergy will prevail in a company.