Our Assessment Process

Commit Time

The process and results are streamlined. A Gap Assessment can be administered and the results received back in less than a week.

Because of the speed and the cost-effectiveness of our assessments, conducting them every 3, 6 or 12 months allows leaders to see the progress being with closing a gap.

Review Results

The results are presented in graph form. They will depict how each group (employees, managers, etc.) responded to each statement. The differences (the gaps) will be highlighted and commentary about how to "close that gap" is provided.

Close the Gap

The entire process of closing a gap starts with the leader intending and wanting to walk in the shoes of their employees. With the gap assessment's results, they can better understand what employees (and customers) are experiencing.

Gaps are closed through simple conversations. Ideal responses to discovered gaps are: “Why are employees seeing things this way?” or, “What are we not doing or providing that causes them to see things this way?

The 5 by 5 Assessment Structure

Our Assessments contain 5 sections with 5 statements each.

Each statement is designed to reveal aspects in your organization that are important to its growth and success. 

Assessment results offer:

  • Real-time results based on the current number of respondents
  • Easy to understand graphs that make gaps impossible to miss.
  • Effective steps to reduce or eliminate gaps.

Take a Demo Assessment - Instructions

  1. Click below to start the assessment.
  2. Respond Yes or No to the 5 statements.
  3. Your custom chart will show how all respondents, including you, have responded.
  4. Notice the Gaps!. The differences in how people viewed the same statement.
  5. Click on the Demo Assessment Report to view the results of your assessment, statement by statement.
  6. This is exactly how you will target the gaps in your own company.